Aishwarya Rai the beautiful woman in the world. Will she do that?

Aishwarya Rai looks beautiful in any outfit. One such fashion designer comments on the dress worn by Aish.

The beauty of the world beyond Aishwarya Rai is no other on earth. After that, how many Miss World, Miss Universe, to say the least before Aish beauty. 

She looks beautiful in any outfit. Recently, however, Aish travelled to Paris to attend Paris Fashion Week. 

Lavender Colour Outfit ramp walk. However, Indian fashion designer Wendell Rodriguez commented on the Aish dress.

Aish is the most beautiful young woman in the world. Does that make her a crap dress and ugly? Immediately remove the person who designed the Aish dress. 

Tell him that Halloween is next month. He posted a photo of him on Instagram called Instagram. Parisian designer Jaime Bautista Valli designed the Aish dress. 

The dress is fine but Aish’s makeup is a bit overpriced. Multicoloured colours for eyes. 

The slippers are also fun to watch. However, Aish has yet to comment on the comment made by the designer. 

Yet Aish does not care about such comments. Previously, she wore a purple colour lipstick when she went to the Cannes Film Festival. 

Her look became viral. Most fans don’t like Aish wearing such lipstick. Aish said he does not care even if he gets all the comments.

 As always, Aish took her daughter Arathi to the fashion show.

Finally, in the case of Aish work, she starred in the movie Fanne Khan. Anil Kapoor and Rajkumar Rao starred as Aish Famous Singer. 

But the film received mixed results at the box office. Aishwarya, who later took a gap in films, recently signed a Tamil film called ‘Ponniyin Selvanmodha’, which is being screened by her Guruji Mani Ratnam. 

Aish Chola will be playing the role of Maharaja’s wife. She is expected to play a double role as a villain. After many years, Aish and Mani Ratnam are expected to be a comedy film.

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