Chiranjeevi Made A Sensation on Politics

Actor and Politician Chiranjeevi made a sensation on politic and advises to Hero Rajini Kant and Kamal Hassan.

Chiranjeevi Made A Sensation 

In detail, Chiranjeevi has a special place as a megastar in Tollywood. It is a growing truth that no hero can replace him. However, in politics, he was not as successful as he had hoped. 

While he is currently away from politics, Whereas he advised his fellow heroes Rajni Kant a Kamal Haasan on politics. Meanwhile, he also revealed his own experiences of getting away from politics.

Tamil Magazine Interview

In an interview with a popular Tamil Magazine in Tamil Nadu, he revealed many things about speaking about politics. He said he came into politics with the intention of doing good to the people while he was number one in the film industry.

All the current politics are linked with money. I lost my own constituency because of money even my younger brother Pawan Kalyan also lost in the recent elections.

In politics, there are many challenges. “If you want to serve the people through politics, then Rajni Kant and Kamal Haasan have to face all thee challenges,” Chiru said.

Kamal Haasan is expected to win some seats in this yea’s Lok Sabha election. But he said the party could not win a single seat.

Chiranjeevi founded the Praja Rajyam Party in 2008 and contested the 2009 elections. His party won 18 seats.

He contested the election from his hometown and In that election, he won his seat from of Pallukolu and Tirupati.

Subsequently, he reportedly merged his party with the Congres. Meanwhile, he acted in movie Sira is slated for release within five days.

The film is based on the life story of the first freedom fighter, Uyyalavada Narashimhareddy, It was produced by Ram Charan at a cost of about Rs 200 crore.

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