Credit Card Insurance: how to get insurance on credit card?

Credit Card Insurance: Where you can claim insurance, Buy a protection plan for your credit card.

There are many benefits to having an Insurance, Where you can get a plan offered by credit card companies.

Have you ever heard that you can apply for credit insurance?

I bet you most of the people unaware it and who are landed here they never heard about it.

Well, you are in the right place in this post you are going to know how to claim your credit insurance.

Credit card. Now everyone needs one. Credit card pocket insurance is useful for emergencies.

Credit Card Insurance

It is estimated that there are about 5 crore credit cards in India. 

The number of credit card issuers is increasing annually. 

Paying bills using a credit card for necessity and emergencies is no problem. 

Reckless use of credit can only lead to debt. Shopping with a credit card is not just a bill payment. There are many facilities such as

  • Loan
  • Balance Transfer
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • Converting Outstanding Amount to EMIs. 

Most people are unaware that there are insurance benefits as well.

What causes are covered? 

Credit cards can get insurance, such as a loss of baggage and a purchase protection plan.

There are many benefits to having an insurance plan offered by credit card companies.

If someone steals your credit card, you should immediately inform the bank and the relevant authorities. 

Any transactions on the card after you file a complaint you will have no contact. 

If you take out a loss of baggage insurance, your baggage is lost and somebody may steal the goods. 

This only applies to checked-in baggage. Some companies even offer hand baggage insurance. 

If your baggage is late, you can claim it through Baggage Delay Insurance. 

You can talk to an airline representative and get a confirmation in writing from a credit card company. If the baggage is delayed.

You can reimburse if your flight is cancelled due to weather conditions or other factors before you make an insurance claim, you need to know what causes are covered. 

Reimbursement can only be made by booking flight tickets with credit cards. 

If the credit card holder dies accidentally, the outstanding bill covers up to Rs 50,000 in insurance. The amount varies depending on the company. 

Where I can get the details.

For more information on What are the insurances available on credit cards?

And how to get them? Call the customer care of the bank which you are using or you can approach your Home branch. And you can ask for the details on insurance before taking the credit card.

Take the full advantages of using the card where the bank provides insurance for you.

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