Facebook launched the dating service

Facebook launched the dating service, interested users can now register on facebook dating service, read below for Facebook launched full details.

Facebook has just announced the latest dating service in a big city like the US. Interested users can now choose a Facebook dating service and create a new profile.

This profile is different from your main profile. You must be 18 years of age or older to register.

What can do with a facebook dating app?

Facebook gives people the ability to link their Instagram posts directly to their dating profile.

It gives Facebook friends the ability to add Instagram followers to their Secret Crush list.

“By the end of this year, we’ll be able to add Facebook and Instagram Stories to your dating profile,” said Nathan Sharp, Facebook dating product manager.

If you are interested in Facebook dating you can send a comment directly to their profile.

You can also hit the Like button to let them know your interest.

Facebook dating won’t show you, friends, unless you choose to use the Secret Crush feature. Both will only be notified if everyone adds another one to their Secret Crush list.

Facebook claims that all dating activities remain within the Facebook dating service.

It is not shared with the rest of the social media platform. The company said the dating service was built to be “secure and opt-in.”

Secret Crush
Image source Facebook Newsroom

The Secret Crush feature lets you match people you already know on your list. One can choose nine of their Facebook friends or Instagram followers.

Facebook explains that if someone breaks into your Crush Facebook dating, they will get a notification that they have a crush on them.

Facebook notifies you and your Crush by sending the notification so they can add each other to the Secret Crush list.

Facebook dating also allows users to share details of their upcoming date or location with someone they trust via Messenger.

In addition to the US, Facebook dating service is currently available in 19 other countries.

There is no information on Facebook dating launch in India till date. The company also announced that it will launch in Europe by early 2020.

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