Google new app for kidney disease sufferers.

Google newest app for kidney disease sufferers.

Google has introduced a mobile app to track acute kidney injury within 14 minutes. This app I called Google’s DeepMind.

New research from the Google-owned firm hints that AI may be a better way of assessing if someone is at risk of acute kidney injury. 

But there are still questions about how it handles patient data

Millions of people die annually from kidney problems around the world

Doctors from the Royal Free Hospital in London say more people are dying because they don’t recognize their problem in a timely manner. 

Patients are expected to protect patients from dialysis or kidney operations if identified in a timely manner.

However, Google has introduced a mobile app that can detect acute kidney injury in less than 14 minutes. 

This app is called Google’s DeepMind. About 96% of emergency cases are detected by Google App. 

This app collects all the data per patient using IT technology in hospitals. It records the heart rate, blood pressure and blood tests. 

If the patient has high doses of creatinine in the blood, the doctor immediately sends a message. 

Doctors say the results of the Streams telephone app are amazing.

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