Pakistan Prime Minister Imran threatens Kashmir

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran: when the war comes, the United Nations platform has serious consequences United Nations: Pakistan Prime Minister Imran has once again threatened India as a United Nations venue. 

Getting rid of the curfew is bloody

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran threatens Kashmir

Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has threatened the international community with the prospect of a war with India … in case of a war between two nuclear-armed countries, its consequences extend beyond borders.

Raising India’s own issue, Article 370 on the international stage. He demanded the immediate removal of the curfew in Kashmir.

He said that 9 lakh troops were deployed in Kashmir, 80 lakh locals were severely restricted and 30 thousand children were detained in an unmarked area.

Pro-Indian leaders were also detained. What will happen after the curfew is lifted, did Does Prime Minister Modi think? Will there be bloodshed? Warned.

He said that pride made Modi a blind man. Imran commented that India is responsible for the bloodshed .. Pakistan is also responsible for it.

The Kashmiris who have been detained have to say why they become extremists The international community must respond to the inhuman conditions in Kashmir. 

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Justice and humanity?

What’s the international community going to do? Will India support the 120 billion people market? Or is it towards justice and humanity? Kashmiris should look for self-determination.

India has made Pakistan a liability for every attack on its borders, including Pulwama. The  Pulwama attack is a suicide attack by a Kashmiri youth, Imran said.

They have violated Article 370 of the United Nations resolutions, the Shimla Agreement and the Constitution of India.


Imran, who made his first appearance at the UN conference, spoke for 50 minutes over the 15-minute limit. Half of the time was spent poisoning India.

The rest of the time, Islamophobia and money laundering were mentioned. Imran made a speech after Modi’s speech to Indian Prime Minister Modi.

Imran is concerned that Islamophobia (fear of Islam) has increased worldwide since the  9/11 attacks. This has been caused by the propaganda that some Western nations have made 

Islam and terrorism the same. There is no such thing as radical Islam. Pakistan, Turkey and Malaysia have decided to launch an English TV channel to reduce Islamophobia. Finally, he said he liked travelling in India.

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