Sabarimala’s verdict, Seven members transferred

Sabarimala’s verdict, Seven members transferred to Sabarimala dispute.

Sabarimala’s verdict is being transferred to the seven-member bench, CJ Ranjan Gogoi said.

The Supreme Court today announced its verdict on a review petition against its order on the Sabarimala temple case, referred the case to a larger seven-judge bench.

Another 65 petitions, including a petition filed by the Supreme Court seeking reconsideration of the earlier ruling on the entry of women into the Sabarimala Ayyappa temple, are being heard today.

Speaking on the occasion, Chief Justice Ranjan Gogoi said. Sabarimala said that the petition along with the verdict review has come to our attention. 

He said that everyone has religious freedom and that their main task is to find out what is internal to religion. 

For this, the verdict is being transferred to a seven-member bench. Judges Nariman and Chandrachud disagreed on the five-member bench.

However, the judgment in September last year there is no stay on women entering the shrine in the meantime.

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