Shafali Verma a 15-year-old girl broken sachin record.

Shafali Verma who breaks Sachin 30-year-old record.

Shafali Verma A 15-year-old girl breaks Tendulkar’s record of a half-century.

Sachin Tendulkar is the king of records. No matter how many records are created. Sachin has a record in his name. 

Sachin Tendulkar the 30-year-old record of such a god. Yes. 

Tendulkar record breaks Women’s opener Shafali Sachin shatters the record. 

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Shafali scored 73 off 49 balls in the first T20 match against the West Indies. Overall, the team’s score reached 185/4.

When Sachin Tendulkar made his first international half-century, he was 16 years and 214 days old. 

Tendulkar set that record in his first Test with Pakistan in 1989. Now Shafali has broken that record. 

She was 15 years and 285 days old. Rohit Sharma scored a half-century in an international T20. Shafali also broke the record of hitting a half-century at an early age.

K Egodage, formerly of UAE, made a half-century in T20 at the age of 15 and 267 days. 

Shafali Verma, 73, holds the record for becoming the second-youngest player in international cricket to make a half-century.

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