Tourist Visas in Saudi Arabia.. Conditions apply

Tourist Visas in Saudi Arabia. Conditions apply: As part of this, some guidelines were issued on Saturday for foreign Tourist Visas in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia, which has a traditional oil economy, is making several reforms aimed at promoting a Dubai-style non-oil economy. 

Saudi Arabia?

In Arabic Al-Riyāḍ, which is city and capital of Saudi Arabia. It is the largest city in Saudi Arabia and one of the most populated cities in the Arab world.

So named for natural fertility provided by its location at the juncture of Wadis Ḥanīfah and Riyadh is the political and administrative centre of Saudi Arabia.

Saudi is the headquarters of the country’s central government bodies, such as the Saudi Royal Court and the Council of Ministers of Saudi Arabia. 

The spectacular sight of Riyadh from the air, illuminated in the evening by city lights, is reminiscent of its eponymous meadows.

A bright sea of lights dots the desert as if fluorescent flower gardens have suddenly blossomed among its dark contours.

It is in this backdrop that nearly 49 countries have recently been granted online visas to attract international tourists as part of their plans to develop tourism in the country. 

These include Western countries such as the US and Australia. But due to the traditional paternalistic system, there are many restrictions on the people of that country, especially women

Now the command is taking certain steps to ensure that they are not disturbed by tourists.

As part of this, some guidelines were issued on Saturday for foreign tourists to visit Saudi Arabia. 

The dress code is the most important of them. Women must have to wear clothing that covers their shoulders and knees.

And kissing in public is hardly the case and Tourists should avoid pornography. 

About 19 of these regulations were made available to foreign tourists in the English language on their website.

However, it is not clear how much fines will be imposed if the rules are violated.

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